A quick and easy closet door update

Last Fall I was working on the guest room update for the One Room Challenge see it here. Towards the end of the six week challenge I was trying to chose between painting the doors blue or grey when I came across an IG image with a headboard trimmed out in moulding and it was perfect for the doors! A little visual interest was exactly what the doors needed.



The other thing I was looking for was AFFORDABLE as I had budgeted carefully for the space and the coffers were running low. The doors were in good shape just a bit meh.



Materials Used:

-Wood moulding (we used 2 inch strips from Home Depot)

-Miter saw

-Wood glue

-Pneumatic nailer



We found these inexpensive wood strips at Home Depot for around 1.00 per foot.


I had grandiose plans to lay out a very intricate design when my husband reminded me of my limited geometry skills. Point taken.Since I was short on both time and math skills I decided on a simple design.

We got started gluing the strips to the doors and added a few pneumatic nails to help hold them in place while the glue dried.

Closet door in process

Here I am hard at work supervising.

Hard at work on closet doors

Once the moulding was up I filled in along the edges with spackle in order to assure a clean line when painted. It drives me crazy to see those little lines where the paint separates from the wood piece in moulding.

spackle wood trim

Final step was using a high quality paint. I am a fan of Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior paint and primer in one. I used Gray Matter SW 7066. 3 coats.

SW 7066

Added some pretty new Brass hardware.

Updated Closet doors with hardware

I mentioned it was quick and easy. The paint was left over from another project but even if I had included a quart of paint total cost would have been less than $50.00 and took a weekend. The details make all the difference!

Guest Room

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Easy Closet Update

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