Rope Accent Wall

Woot! Woot! We are at the halfway point of the One Room Challenge. If you are new here (a big HELLO, and thank you for stopping by). I am participating in a biannual event called the One Room Challenge or ORC for short.  The event is in its 12th season and hosted by Linda at Calling it Home and sponsored by House Beautiful.  It is an event where bloggers each choose a room to makeover in 6 weeks and blog about it as they go. I have followed this event for years and am so excited to be participating as a guest blogger this year.

I chose for my challenge to update the Mudroom/Laundry space at our Lake house.  You can see the design plan from week 1 here.   After our very rough week 2, we took a step back to regroup.  I am happy to announce our Laminate Cabinets are repainted a stunning Navy and are looking great!  We have also started working on the Rope accent wall. I think I am beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Rope Accent Wall beginning.

For this 3rd week it has been all about the Accent Wall. I knew from the beginning I wanted to bring in some sort of texture. The space is small but has 13 ft ceilings. Texture will add some warmth to the room. Because we already have a vertical wood wall and a skinny wood wall in this house any type of wood accent walls were out.  I also felt I wanted to add a very causal nod towards the nautical. So with texture in mind I began to search.   Then one day while traveling in the UK, I was googling ideas for accent walls and found this wallpaper on a UK decor site by a company called Direct Wallpapers. 


Bathroom rope wall

Although this is photographed rope made into wallpaper, I immediately thought real ROPE!!!  YESSSSSS. Hubs will love this! ;)  To my surprise he did and immediately set to work figuring out how to attach it to the wall.  Side note: My Husband is an Engineer.  His first instinct is always "how" while mine is to run for the glue gun and then I am ready to go.


Rope Wall being attached to plywood.

Rope Wall being attached to plywood.

We decided to attach the rope horizontally after realizing it would be much easier to install the 5.5 ft x 13 ft wall in sections.  We secured the rope to 1/4 inch plywood (cut into 4.5 ft wide ft x 4 ft high) with my very favorite tool a GLUE GUN.  

WARNING: This was extremely time consuming and we ran into a few snags.  


Cutting the rope

1. The ends of the rope fray easily.  So we wrapped the ends with electrical tape prior to cutting.  For each cut. We used a PVC pipe cutter to cut the rope. Thanks for that suggestion Home Depot!

2. We applied hot glue to the ends of the rope after cutting to prevent fraying once the electrical tape was removed.

3. Did I mention it's time consuming!

Rope Wall Install

We then installed the plywood using drywall anchors to attach each section to the wall.

Rope Wall Install #2
Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 10.48.12 PM.png

We haven't decided if we are going to finish the edges next to the wall or not.  We could run a piece of rope or perhaps something else??  We will figure that out in the next week. Next up is the countertop for the washer and dryer.  We have decided to go with a wood counter instead of the original plan of concrete.  I think I will like the wood against the gorgeous Navy cabinets.  

More to come next week,


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Bench with accent wall.

Bench with accent wall.