My design philosophy is mixing high with low, old and new, and always adding an element of quirk.
— Libbie Burling, A Life Unfolding

Hello, and welcome to A Life Unfolding. I am so happy you are here.  My name is Libbie and I am a 50-something empty-nester still trying to figure out what I’m going to be when I grow up. I’ve raised two amazing daughters and have three adult step kids who are now raising kids of their own. My job in the home décor industry keeps me hustling and in need of wine (what goes better with a Pinterest binge than a glass of wine?). I’m a lover of quick-and-easy DIY projects and can often be found perusing the aisles of my local Home Goods store with a cart full of fabulous finds. The one common thread that has woven the various seasons of my life together has been making a 


comfortable home. I believe that designing a home you love is a process. A process that is always unfolding, just like real life. I adore mixing upscale pieces with a bargain find, old and new, and always adding that surprise element of quirk. My best design advice is to always surround yourself with what YOU love and you will never go wrong. This blog is my way of sharing a glimpse of the things unfolding in my life right now. My husband and I are ever-redesigning our own home, our lake house, and a few fixer-uppers we’ve recently taken on along the way, which gives me so much nesting to do! Follow me here to see how it all unfolds.